The Challenge

Hi Spec Plumbing have built a reputation around delivery of a high quality service. Over the last eight years their crew has grown from being a single man operation into a very busy team of eight. Keeping track of vehicles, mileage, time sheets and the like was eating away at the time they needed to look after their clients. Hi Spec Plumbing’s owner, Hamish approached ArmadaGPS to develop a tailored tracking solution for his company.

The Solution

Ninety percent of the work they do is charge up. You charge for the work done, the gear used, the miles driven and the time it has taken. As Hamish himself puts it, “ArmadaGPS was employed not as a Big Brother system but as a way to double check movement. A way to prove to the client we were there for that length of time and we travelled that far to get there. If the guys went to the hardware outlet, this is how long it took and so on…”


Fitting of hardware and training was designed to work around Hi Spec’s busy schedule and not put extra pressure on a team who works very hard. “My must haves were that the system help the crew keep track of the job sheets and be there to back them up. It’s a fantastic double check system for human error.” We stay in touch with Hamish to make sure everything is running smoothly and are always looking for ways to help him future proof his systems and avoid any more growing pains.


“ArmadaGPS has been running on our trucks for just over 30 days and it’s already paid for itself. You don’t get much better ROI than that.” Before ArmadaGPS, Hamish was doing all bookwork by himself. Now he tells us it’s easy. He’s using that extra time to build the business instead of, as he puts it, “treading water”. “Before ArmadaGPS I kept thinking there’s no way can get bigger and still deliver, but it’s pretty clear if you get the right systems it’s possible. At the end of the day we can’t lose quality, and ArmadaGPS lets us keep the quality.”